Non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe solutions for odor control in wastewater, municipal waste, and FOG management

What We Do

BioMagic’s products are developed to control the odors caused by the decomposition of organic matter found in a variety of commercial and municipal environments.

Before the introduction of BioMagic products, choices for waste odor control were limited to a few large, multi-national companies offering complex, integrated “systems” to many small companies offering a solution for a single application.

These systems and single application products typically involve conventional compounds such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, iron chlorides and caustic soda. Each presents significant performance, cost or safety issues. The addition of enzymes to stimulate oxygen use by helpful bacteria, another option, has both limitations and performance issues, making it a less optimal choice.

Unlike conventional solutions, BioMagic products are safe to handle and store, making them cost effective and greatly reducing potential liability problems.

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