FOG Management

BioMagic’s G6 BioOdorStop provides solutions and protects your business.

  • Effective control of grease-caused odor in food service establishments
  • Comply with EPA and OSHA regulations
  • Meet state and local municipal standards
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
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Food Service establishments1 (FSE) are now required, in most states, to install, operate and maintain a grease interceptor and to follow certain guidelines for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emissions and to control the discharge of “dissolved sulfides” and grease into the sanitary sewer system. 

Significant odors are generated by the sulfides in the grease interceptor and these odors often find their way into the public areas of the restaurant. The “rotten egg” odors associated with hydrogen sulfide gas is extremely unpleasant at very low levels, and can be physically harmful at higher levels.

BioMagic has proven to be effective in preventing the formation of dissolved sulfides and the resulting H2S gases and associated odors.

BioMagic’s G6 BioOdorStop chemically eliminates the existing sulfides in the interceptor liquids by reacting with the sulfides to form harmless, inert—and odorless—compounds. Additionally, further formation of sulfides is eliminated by providing chemical oxygen to the existing bacteria in the interceptor, keeping the bacteria from stripping oxygen from sulfur-based compounds to form the sulfides.

1 Food Service Establishments consist of free-standing restaurants, restaurants grouped in food courts and malls, hotels and grocery stores.

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