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Protect your establishment from unnecessary costs for non-compliance

  • Achieve federal EPA and OSHA compliance
  • Meet state and municipal regulations

Odor Control and Compliance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and state and local municipalities have set standards for H2S emissions, discharge of “dissolved sulfides” into the sanitary sewer system and the treatment and/or disposal of grease by FSEs1. BioMagic’s product has proven to be effective in controlling the formation of sulfides and the resulting H2S gases.

In most states, FSEs are required to install, operate and maintain a grease interceptor and follow certain guidelines for controlling the discharge of dissolved sulfides and grease. BioMagic’s products have proven to be effective in preventing the formation of sulfides in the grease interceptor environment and controlling the discharge of sulfides into the sanitary sewer system.

The formation of sulfides in the interceptor will cause the release of hydrogen sulfide gas, which has an extremely offensive odor at very low levels, and can be a health hazard at slightly higher levels.  These odors in many instances find their way back to the restaurant area and can have a very negative impact on the restaurant business. 

By introducing G6 BioOdorStop into the flow pattern going into the grease interceptor, existing sulfides will be chemically eliminated, and further formation of sulfides will be prevented by maintaining a biologically aerobic environment in the interceptor liquids.

1 Food Service Establishments consist of free-standing restaurants, restaurants grouped in food courts and malls, hotels and grocery stores.

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