Municipal Solid Waste

Solutions for municipalities that:

  • Eliminate odor in solid waste environments
  • Reduce community odor complaints
  • Reduce costs by 70% over other choices
  • Are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe
  • Utilize current delivery systems without significant modification
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One of the main concerns of waste and environmental services companies today is their image in the community, so controlling odors in and around waste transfer facilities, landfills and recycling facilities is one of the highest priorities. And with good reason. Not only can failure to control odors generate substantial consumer complaint, but in 2008, many local air quality management districts will have specific regulations concerning the planning and implementation of odor management solutions for these facilities.

There are a variety of products on the market today for odor control in the municipal solid waste environment. The most successful ones are odor-neutralizing chemicals, not masking agents. Essential oils and/or plant extracts are highly diluted with water and then misted through high pressure nozzles. Effective, but very expensive for the organization.

BioMagic’s MSW-600 is the cost-effective alternative for airborne odor elimination around transfer stations, greenwaste areas, and inside recycling facilities. Dilution ratios of MSW-600 are very similar to those of the essential oil/plant extract products needed to achieve the same results, and MSW-600 can use the same delivery system, but costs about 70% less.

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