Photo of a garbage pile Solutions for waste management engineers that:

  • Meet upcoming regulations
  • Eliminate odor complaints from local residents
  • Reduce costs by 70% over other choices
  • Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and safe

Controlling Odors in Material Recovery Facilities

Odor control inside Material Recovery Facilities is just as important for employees working inside the recycling facility as it is to neighboring residents. And very soon, many local air quality management districts will mandate it. The challenge is how to eliminate odors—and complaints—cost-effectively and use current technology to deliver that solution.

Odor-neutralizing agents provide a better choice over those chemicals that merely mask odors. To date, the most commonly used solution involves essential oils and plant extracts, highly diluted with water, and delivered through high pressure nozzles. Expensive, but effective.

BioMagic MSW-600 offers clear advantages. Costs are about 70% less than essential oils.  Delivered as an ultra-fine mist, very small droplets stay airborne and react with the airborne odor molecules in the MRF, while posing no health risk to employees. Very little water weight is added to the waste to be transported from the facility to landfills.

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